Thursday, February 9, 2012

On the road

We're well into our travel mode now after my meltdown over connectivity. Last night we stayed in Yreka, California (after coming through the Siskiyou on a bare dry road) and Mohita is now feeling like a cozy home. The dogs have sorted out their sleeping arrangements. At night Geordie sleeps under the table and Maggie curls up in the passenger seat. While we drive Geordie lies on the bench with his head resting on the table and Maggie stretches out on the settee.

On this trip I'm trying to improve my skills with photography out of a moving vehicle. On past road trips I've been frustrated at not being able to take pics of some of the different landscapes we've seen. With my new Canon G12's quick auto focus I'm now able to capture a few views as we go by.

Harry is the driver and I am the navigator with the help of our four-year-old GPS. We're finding it a bit unreliable now though. It's surprising how roads, ramps andbusiness locations change in just a few years. The other day it told us to take an exit that was no longer there!

Our plan is to drive south until we're out of the rain and the cold. This morning we awoke to clear skies and as we pass Shasta and descend from the higher elevations we've turned the heat off in the cab. We're heading for one of our favourite spots, Healdsburg and the wine country. Have to stock the travelling wine cellar under the bunk.

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