Friday, February 24, 2012

Still in Tubac

We drove into Tubac on Wednesday afternoon with a plan to have coffee and walk around a bit and then head on down the road.  Today it's Friday and we're still here in this peaceful place of art and desert magic.  Tubac is about halfway between Tucson and the Mexican border town of Nogales.

Tubac has layers of history going back into the mists of the past.  The Tohono O'odham people lived here peacefully for 1200 years before the Spanish arrived in the 16th Century.  The Tumacacori Mission was built a couple miles south of Tubac and its ruins are now a lovely national heritage site. 

In Tubac itself the site of the Presidio (Spanish fortified camp) is worth exploring to learn about the push and pull between the Native peoples and the Spanish and American cultures. 

Today Tubac is a very artsy place.  An art school was started here in 1959 and it is home to many artists and craftspeople.  Its annual Arts Festival takes place in February (unfortunately a week before we arrived).  

It's a small town, easy to walk around and surrounded by grassy meadows and rolling hills.  In the distance are the Santa Rita mountains.  The weather is lovely here in the high desert.  It's cold at night but sunny every day.  Yesterday the temperature rose to 79 in the afternoon. 

Some very tasteful townhome developments have been recently built and we toured around yesterday on our bikes. It's a pleasant place to hang out for a few days.


  1. Every time I visit Tubac, I think... I must move here.
    I bought a super tall green glass vase and several wooden statues at a gallery by the bookstore. Fabulous.
    I thought you had moseyed on but how fun that your having such a nice time exploring the area. I think it very beautiful.
    I assume there is a RV park near for you to stay at ?

    Love following your trip.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Hi Parsnip,
      Yes, there is a cute little spot within walking distance of all the shops. we have also been using our bikes. we keep thinking that we could easily live there!

  2. Since you are in the area, you might be interested in this article I just saw in the NY Times travel section this morning on Nogalos, Sonora: . It is by Paul Theroux no less. Enjoy

    1. Hi Ches,
      Thanks for the link to the Theroux article. It is excellent. We just drove by Nogales on our way to Patagonia this afternoon. The American side, that is.

  3. I can see why you've lingered here. There's something inspiring in every photo. It would be so easy to just stay, wouldn't it?

    1. Hey Steph, you are so right. We keep trying to think of a way to spend some more time there. It isclose to some lovely natural area as well.


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