Sunday, February 5, 2012

Introducing Mohita

I'd like you to meet our 1978 motorhome, affectionately known as Mohita.  We've had her since 1996 and she's taken us (and our dogs) on some amazing adventures deep into the heartland of the USA (Nebraska and Yellowstone Park) and down into Michoacan in Mexico.  

She's 21 feet long and was built in the Okanagan area of BC, but has happily sat in our driveway under the tall arbutus tree for six years now.  The last big trip was when we went to Nebraska and Yellowstone Park in 2008.  So it's about time for another odyssey.

We've spent a few months spiffing her up so she's looking good for this year's trip.  All her rust spots are gone and the wheel wells are newly painted.  She's looking pretty good for her 34 years.  

We're heading down the west coast to California and then inland to Arizona and New Mexico and maybe even Texas.  

It's funny--I used to hate the orange colour and was planning to repaint the stripes on the outside but now I'm quite attached to the period look.  I've done some painting inside to brighten things up but it still resonates of the 1970s.  The creature hanging on the cupboards at the top left of the interior photo is a stuffed shark in a life jacket that we bought on our way through Palm Springs in 2008.  


So we're all packed and ready to go.  The bicycles are strapped on the back and the water tanks are filled, the cupboards are stocked and all that's left is one final try to get the furnace working.  But even if that's not happening we're heading south tomorrow.  I'll keep blogging on our way so you can share in our adventures over the next six or seven weeks.  


  1. Bon Voyage!! send back some sunshine to Canada...

  2. Can't wait to see what that part of the world looks like now. I haven't been down that Coast highway for a lo-o-ng time.
    Unbelievable that it was 2008 when you last blogged a Mohita trip. Have fun!

  3. Goodness so many of my comments are not publishing....
    I am not sure I should say this but you will be following and driving into our much needed rain !
    I like the orange it looks really happy.
    Be sure to e-mail me if you drive through Tucson or Phoenix so maybe we can meet for coffee, lunch or dinner time permitting....

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Hi Parsnip,
      We'll probably be driving through the rain as it heads north. I know you need rain and we're ok with that. At least it will be warmer. In Victoria it's been hovering around 40 degrees.

  4. Very nice. Wish you a good trip and will want to see the pictures.


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