Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Update on connectivity

Yesterday was an exercise in frustration trying to get the iPad to work on a cell phone network. We thought it would be as simple as putting in a sim card from a cellphone company like we did when we were in Italy. But in the security conscious USA things are much more complicated. After going to four different places including Radio Shack, the Apple store and AT&T we discovered that it is not possible to get a even a prepaid card without an address in the US that connected with a major credit card. Can't be done. Even though we can use our credit card for hundreds of dollars worth of gas, food, restaurant meals etc, they won't let us buy $15 worth of data services.

 We did manage to buy what they call a throw-away cell phone with prepaid minutes, and registered it using an Arizona zip code. So we actually do have that connection. And the iPad works where there is a wifi connection so all is not lost. It was just so handy to have the iPad work while we were driving on our last trip. I also have my little laptop but it is old and so slow that it doesn't really do much for me except for organizing photos. I guess I'll just have to suffer some internet withdrawal.

Last night we stayed at a lovely RV park just south of Eugene, Oregon and this mornong we are heading over the Siskiou pass into California, if the weather holds warm enough that this rain doesn't turn to snow.

Location:On the road, Oregon I5 heading for Roseburg

I love these trees lined up along the top of the hill.

The top three photos were taken from the motorhome  The white dots in the one above are sheep.  There were thousands of them, many with frolicking lambs.

This building was on a side road behind a defunct gas station just north of Grant's Pass.  On the other side was a sign that said Welding.

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  1. Almost there! Hope everything goes well and you are able to post when you want to.


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