Monday, January 2, 2012

My word for 2012

Over at Sidewalk Shoes Pam has posted an idea about choosing one for the new year.  I think this is an excellent idea, and it follows up on my non-resolution from yesterday.  Last year I chose a couple of words (simplicity and balance) to guide me through 2011.  Looking back I think I managed to achieve some of both those things.  I managed to balance some hard renovation work with a holiday trip to Italy, and I walked the tightrope of time with family and time for my volunteer activities with the dog organization and my work with Circles within Circles.  The simplicity part has been more of a challenge.  I am way too prone to multi-tasking.  And I'm often finding myself running in circles to catch up on things.

So for this year, to counter my tendency to be distracted, I've chosen the word for 2012.  It's CLARITY.  To find clarity I need time to distill, to sit, to think and clarify what's truly important.  This will be my guiding word for 2012.

What will yours be?

By the way: the image is from NASA, it's titled, Photomicrography of gas pockets entrapped in a crystal.

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