Monday, May 14, 2012

Chairs in Havana

I was in Vancouver for a couple of days last week and we visited a funky restaurant on Commercial Drive called Havana.  On a sunny afternoon the inside was practically deserted but the sun shining through the windows on the chairs and tables made a great shadow shot.  

Here's another inside view showing the interesting walls painted and then inscribed with names and initials.  By the way, the food is good too.

I'm looking at chairs this week as part of the "Sense of Place" photography course I'm taking.  This week we look at the things that catch our eye no matter where we are.  For me this is chairs, doorways, fruits and vegetables, and bicycles, among others.  It's so interesting to think of how our eyes search out and find similarities in different places.


  1. Love the shadow shot! You've really got a good eye. :)

  2. Those are such interesting shadows. For some reason they make me think of dancing. Must be the movement of the chair back designs.


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