Tuesday, May 8, 2012

First warm day at Dallas Road

The southernmost part of Victoria lies on the Strait of Juan de Fuca just across from the Olympic Mountains in Washington State.  Dallas Road is the name of the drive along the water and there's also a beautiful walkway along the cliffs above the beach.  All year long people go there to walk and play with their dogs--but on the first warm day the place comes alive. 

I'm taking Kat's photography course called "A Sense of Place" and that's where I went for this week's assignment.  In places the cliffs are lined with clusters of Scotch Broom, which is actually an invasive plant but when it blooms in the sun it gives off a scent of coconut.  


  1. I love how green everything looks. Very pretty!

  2. Isn't fun when everyone comes out to play? Squinting in the unaccustomed sunlight but smiling. People are just a bit friendlier, I think.


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