Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The fireplace, before and after

Last week we got our new gas fireplace installed and we're just so happy with it.  It's transformed our living room from a kind of cluttered look to a clean look but still very cozy.

Before, with the book cases filled with trinkets and the white mantel and contrasting dark tiles on hearth and fireplace creating a busy look.

We began by ripping out the shelves and discovered a false wall (left) so ripped that out too, revealing the 1960s fireplace bricks that had been painted garish yellow.

Here's the same view with the walls painted a paler colour.  I couldn't even think clearly when surrounded by such a strong yellow.  Here you can see some of the tile samples we were considering.

After building some legs under the hearth to create a bench look and tiling with 12 by 24 tiles that look like limestone, the fireplace now has a contemporary look.  

The walls are all painted the same colour and we've moved some furniture around to create a serene space.  Now I have to get rid of two decades of decorative items.   I love the simplicity of the new fireplace and don't want that stuff any more.


  1. You did a wonderful job.
    I really like a minimal look. Too much stuff laying around gives a very unsettling feeling.
    I think the fireplace and new space look fabulous !
    And now you get to sit down and enjoy.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. I like seeing your before and after. What a good job. Enjoy it!

  3. If I were to describe your fireplace, I would say it looks simple but elegant. I like the pale color that made the place look simple. And the addition of the limestone to create that contemporary look made it elegant. It has a soothing atmosphere that would make anyone feel comfortable and cozy.


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