Monday, June 17, 2013

An old dog

Just found this photo of Maggie taken about 15 months ago when we took our last trip in Mohita. She looks to me like Whistler's Mother, an old woman wrapped up in a shawl. She's sitting in the front seat and looking out the window.

Sad to say but our dear Maggie at age 14 going on 15 is really showing her age now. She has lost muscle and staggers around and sometimes even falls over. She finds it hard going upstairs and I've taken to lifting her in and out of the car. It's hard to see this because she used to be such a fast, athletic dog.

But just today I took her to the vet and got some exercises to help develop her core muscles.  It's kind of like Pilates for dogs.  We're hoping that by doing this with her we can prolong the inevitable decline and have her happy and comfortable for some time to come. She still enjoys her food and playing with Geordie but she's really slowing down.

I also learned today about doing some simple massage of the muscles in her shoulders and quads and we've scheduled some laser treatments to loosen up the fascia.  Who knew there was sports therapy for dogs!  It's not that costly; it just takes some time in the evening and a bit of different exercise and play. If it helps her it's totally worthwhile.


  1. I spend quiet a bit of time cooking for The Square Ones, giving them all the pills and shots they need everyday and night. And like your Maggie, Dr Watson is showing his age at 15.
    I love that photo of Maggie wrapped in the shawl when I first saw it, without my glasses I thought it was a old photo of the puppy Maggie.
    We just love them, that all we can do.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. So sorry to read about Maggie, but I know she is in the best hands to make her life better. I still remember with great fondness playing with Maggie on the beach in San Carlos. Miss you guys.

  3. Hi Ches and Allison,
    So nice to hear from you. We were just thinking of you tonight. Hope you're doing well. We would love to have you come up this way for a visit some time. Or are you tied to your house?
    Love, Harry and Joanna

  4. A decade and a half is a pretty good age for a dog. She looks very distinguished in that pic.

  5. Thanks William, I think she looks kind of elegant too.


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