Friday, June 7, 2013

Matching Singer Featherweight sewing machines

When Jamie was home the other day for my birthday, he mentioned to my sister that he was interested in learning to sew. Turns out she has an extra sewing machine in her attic from her partner's mother that she was able to give him.  It's essentially the same sewing machine that I inherited from my mother, the Singer Featherweight. This was probably the first portable sewing machine and I think that  millions of them were sold in the 1950s. Most of my friends also inherited one of these iconic machines; some of them are still in use. I've been using mine on and off since the 1970s.

Jamies sewing machine and mine look similar and both come with the basic black carrying case.
Here they are together on the table.  But looking more closely you can see some design differences.  We were able to determine the dates they were made from the serial numbers.

Here's mine with the ornate design from 1949.

Here's Jamie's new machine from 1957.  He took it back to Vancouver with him the other day and my friend Kath (who also owns one) will be giving him sewing lessons.  Isn't that cool?


  1. Those Featherweights are super tough. Mom bought one in about 1959 and it passed to me in 1972, then onto my sister in 1979. THEN she had the audacity to SELL it for a newer machine.

    It was like a member of the family:(

    1. They do become like family members, each with its own personality.

  2. Beautiful machines... I had a newer one but it was destroyed in the fire and no machine I have bought since has worked as nice.
    re your comment to me...
    Just type the movies name in to google, many sites will pop-up to watch it even. If your not comfortable doing this (I don't know any of these sites) there is always youtube. I would think where you live there are many rental shops that have a Asian section.
    I don't have this movie and I saw it so long ago but some of the others I do have and if you are interested in any of the other ones I will be reviewing, if I have them, I will send it on to you.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Thanks for the directions Parsnip. I think I know a video store here in town that will carry some of these titles.

  3. Looks rather similar to one my mom had.

    I know how to handsew a button on, that sort of thing, but beyond that? Not particularly.


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