Sunday, June 23, 2013

Haliburton garden update

We're truly turning into farmers up here at the Haliburton garden.  Each day starts with Harry and Sue and I checking out the progress of the zucchini and the beans. Both are flowering now, yay!

Yesterday we harvested the last of the first crop of lettuce, and the next crop is ready to be transplanted.

Here's our flourishing rhubarb and the grapes going crazy atop their arbour. They're now trimmed back to allow the fruit to get more sun.  I also trimmed the purple flowering sage because it had flopped over. This resulted in a stunning bouquet.

The leader of all this industrious farming work is Sue, who lives in our downstairs apartment. She is an astute gardener, having been doing so for over 30 years. Here she is working in the garden. And just below that is our farm equipment.

We call it the chuckwagon.

Sue came up with a plan to help the languishing peppers and eggplant.  Yesterday she mulched them with black plastic to keep the soil warmer.  It's not all that pretty but it will help with our cooler coastal weather.

These last two photos were taken this morning in a slight drizzle.  The bees are still at work pollenating and the first zucchini will be ready soon.

Here's the first eggplant blossom. Isn't it a pretty colour?

And just in case you think it's all work around here, I turned the camera on the chairs in another corner of the garden. After the work is done we can rest here with a refreshing juice or glass of wine. 
Hey, this farm work isn't all that bad!

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