Sunday, August 4, 2013

34 straight days of sunshine!

Victoria set a record this July for the longest stretch of sunny days.  From June 27 to August 1st there wasn't a drop of rain. Please don't think I'm complaining here. We've all been loving the sun and the warmth.  The gardens are growing like mad and the fruit and vegetables are thriving. The blackberries are ready for picking now--at least two weeks before their usual time. And the grapes are swelling already.

It rained August 1st and 2nd and now it's cleared up and again we are having cloudless skies with unadulterated sunshine. This must be what summer feels like in the rest of the world. Here's hoping we'll have another long stretch of sunny weather. Long enough for us to get sick of it. Well, I guess that would be about 10 more weeks!

Perhaps I'd be unhappy about the water bill to keep my garden going with that kind of time frame, although by then everything would have been harvested. In any case, everybody I know in Victoria is rejoicing.

Here are some sunny weather images.

Street in Funky Fernwood.

Kite boarders along Dallas Road

Sunset at Moses Point

A performer at the Busker's Festival at the Inner Harbour

Bathing beauties at an afternoon pool party.

The view from my sister's back deck. 

You'll notice there's not a cloud in sight!   


  1. I am so surprised !
    But I wonder if all this "good" sunny weather is just a great quirk of nature or maybe signs of global warming ?
    My winters and summers for the last three years have been very strange so I am wondering.
    Lovely photos as always and I wish I was sitting by the water in the first one !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Hi Parsnip, I've been wondering the same thing about these weather changes. But it's hard to complain just at this moment at the end of another stellar day of sun and blue skies. It would be fun to have you sit on that beach with me!

  3. Lovely pics.

    Yes, that's more a summer typical of this part of the country, not the west coast.


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