Monday, August 26, 2013

Transformation of a room

In just over a week the room is transformed.

Before, showing the blue painted floor and the walls and ceiling without drywall.  Note the unique window with the sill angled because of the hip roof over the kitchen on the main floor.

Here the walls and ceiling of both rooms are boarded with one coat of drywall mud. 
Already the room looks bigger.

Now Lewis, the floor restorer has removed most of the blue paint on the kitchen floor.

The floor in the living room area still has to be done.  You can see the door to the found space behind the kitchen. This will be the utility and storage room.

Ta daa! The sanding is complete.

And here's a view of the floor with the sealer coat on.

Isn't it beautiful?     
                   It doesn't look like a brand new floor but it looks rich and warm and it has a story to tell.

Sadly we only got to look at the floor for a day or two as the drywallers are returning this week to finish the job and we had to cover the floor with cardboard to protect it.

The next time we see the floor the painting will be done and the kitchen installed.  Then there will be two more finish coats to apply and it will be ready to go.


  1. Beautiful !
    It always happens the second the drywall goes up the rooms look bigger. I lived through many remodels.
    The floor looks fabulous !

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Love, love, love seeing your progress.. Looks fantastic. so inspiring.

  3. Thanks everyone. It's an exciting process.


I really appreciate your comments.