Friday, August 30, 2013

Up on the ridge at Saturna Island

For the first time this year we managed a getaway to Saturna Island, to the cabin on the ridge.  We went with five friends and had such fun.  Two lovely peaceful days.  Here are a few highlights.  The photo above is the essence of the Brown Ridge experience. A chair on the deck in the sunshine with a killer view.

Here's the door to the cabin, reflecting the woods outside.  And on the other side, this is the view.

It's so peaceful outside, but inside is pretty nice too.  We brought up a bouquet of flowers from my neighbour's garden. It looked nice on the dining table.

The first evening we enjoyed some appetizers on the deck before a wonderful dinner as dusk fell.

The next morning we awoke to fog after a night of rain and wind.  The view had completely disappeared.

So we headed down to Saturna beach for some play on the swing and a walk, then a visit to the winery. Sadly it was closed so we couldn't enjoy a glass.  

But we weren't fazed, we headed off to explore East Point Park, a beautiful point of land with sandstone rocks and the old fog horn building, now a museum.

Then it was back up to the cabin for dinner on the deck and a view of the goat parade.  There is a herd of about 25 feral goats that live on the mountainside and just about every night they walk along the ridge in front of the cabin.  It's a wonderful sight.

We're home now,  renewed from our visit to such a special place.


  1. I love when you visit there and I get to visit along with your blog.
    What a wonderful place. The first photo is beautiful as usual. So happy you got a photo of the goats.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Fantastic photos, nice time:) Greetings

  3. What a wonderful place. Just to think of drinks before dinner whilst looking at that view!! Oh my! Such a pity that the weather changed. But then, that didn't faze you either. The walk amongst the rocks looks fun too. Joan


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