Friday, August 23, 2013

Late August morning

We woke up to another lovely day We can't work at Yukon Street today because the floors were sealed yesterday and it needs a couple of days to cure. So we're "at home" today. And what a perfect day for it, with with blue skies and a little breeze.

After taking the dogs for a swim at the lake we returned to the house for a leisurely breakfast of boiled eggs, canteloupe and toast with this year's blackberry jam.

Yes, the blackberries are already ripe. They're early this year, along with most other things.  Just look at what's happening in the garden.

 Tons of sweet yellow tomatoes

And the larger ones are getting huge. Usually we never get to eat these off the vine but one is already turning red.

The apples are starting to ripen already--and it's only August!  Same goes for the Italian plums.

I'm off now to join this honey bee and do some puttering in the garden.

As for Harry, he's decided to take the ironing out to the patio.  Not a bad way to spend a morning in late August.


  1. Your garden looks wonderful. I can't believe you have apples and plums !Please post more photos of them when ripe.
    All the photos are lovely ! Such colors !
    Harry looks so cute ironing outside.
    What a great summer you are having.

    cheers, parsnip

    blogger has attacked again. I posted today but it is not showing up on any blogs.

  2. I can't recall ever seeing yellow tomatoes before...


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