Sunday, January 26, 2014

Abstract painting group

Since last January I've been attending abstract painting classes with Bill Porteous and finding they really pushed me into painting.  I now have a pile of paintings on paper that I've done and each one leads to another one.

That's the benefit of working with Bill. He continually challenges you to move forward with your work.

Here are a couple of small paintings done last year.  They're each about 10x10.   I like working with layers of colour and simple shapes.

But recently I've moved into a different format, a long rectangle about 11x22 inches, which I'm finding quite inspiring, and working without shapes but just with layers of colour.

Bill also holds a Wednesday afternoon  painting group, with about 10 artists who are working in abstraction on their own. They get together to look at each others work and continue learning from Bill. This group is "by invitation only" and I was thrilled to be invited to join this month.

I've now been to two afternoons and find that people are very welcoming and also very serious about finding time for their work amidst very busy lives.  Kind of just like me!  That's Bill on the right giving a serious look.  The group is also a lot of fun and very helpful.

We hang the work on the wall in front of the table and critique each others work.  It was a little nerve-wracking putting up my work the first time, but people are very supportive.  Last week I worked really hard and brought six new paintings on paper.  Here's Joan, one of the artists in the group taking a photo of them.

This week I'm going even larger. I bought two cradles 1 foot by 3 feet and will see what comes of those.  This abstract painting group is going to keep me very busy!

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  1. Unusual patterns in these. It's a good way to express creativity!


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