Monday, January 6, 2014

Changes ahead for 2014

I haven't posted here because I've been up on a ladder painting windows and cleaning blinds, and down on my knees painting baseboards and washing floors.  We're readying our house to put up for sale and it involved a lot of cleaning and tidying too.

This morning the photographer came to take photos for the brochure so everything had to look just right.  The floors had to be waxed and all the stuff hidden away so it looks like the decorator has just left the premises.

Let me tell you, it's a lot of work to polish and stage everything. I didn't even dare make myself a cup of coffee in this spiffed-up kitchen.

We spent most of yesterday tidying up in the laundry room and Harry's workshop.  Quite a few loads went to the dump and other stuff went on a table by the sidewalk as giveaways.  It feels nice to clear things out.

We've been living up here on Haliburton Hill for almost seven years now and have done a lot with the house and the garden, but we're ready to move back into town and live a more urban lifestyle.  Once the house sells we'll move into the main suite of my house in Fernwood.  Our friend Sue is already living upstairs now that those renovations are complete.  

We will have a lot more clearing out to do though, as we will be moving into a much smaller space. This house is about 2,000 square feet and the main floor of the house in town where we'll be living is about 950.  So there's going to be some major purging happening. The timetable will depend on how quickly our house sells.  If it sells fast, I'll be keeping up the breakneck pace for a while yet.


  1. I only moved back to Tucson about 7 years ago. We are twins.
    Not moving again though, if I can help it.
    The x would buy a dump we would move in fix it up and when it was liveable sell it and move again.
    Will you miss your garden ?

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Hi Parsnip,
      Sounds like you're done with moving. This will likely be our last move too, although you never know. I will miss some aspects of the garden but not the raking. We will have a small garden area at our new place and there's some creative work to be done there, which is good.


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