Monday, January 20, 2014

2013 Wildlife photography exhibition

We went to this year's  Wildlife Photographer of the Year exhibit  at the BC Museum.  Last year's show was so astounding that we were thrilled to see they were hosting it again this year.

This exhibit features images from the Natural History Museum in London shown on large backlighted screens, along with descriptions of the subjects, the photographers and how they managed to get such amazing photos. Often it's not easy. In some cases, the photographers hid under water or built blinds in the wilderness and waited for days to get the image they wanted. Some of the photographs are taken by children as young as ten years of age. 

Here are a few of the images from the show.  Sorry, I don't have the details as I just scooped them with my camera.  If you have a chance to see this remarkable exhibit, don't miss out. It's stunning.

Until I visited these exhibits I hadn't really thought about how much patience and dedication it takes to achieve photographs like these.

This image of the dead tree was taken just as the sun rose in the Nubian desert. The photographer would have been setting up his equipment in the freezing darkness and apparently he made several attempts over a number of days.

I would love to know what was going through the minds of both the lion cub and the photographer as this image was taken.

It's a world away from the photographs I snap with my little point-and-shoot. 


  1. What exceptional images! I will be a "point and click" forever, since that is the easiest.

  2. Ooops. Don't know what happened here:)

  3. This sounds like something you would really like !
    Love the Badger peaking out from the poster.
    The photo of the Manatee is splendid.

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Wonderful stuff. how lucky to have it close to home two years running!

  5. I'd like to know what the cub was thinking!


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