Friday, January 10, 2014

Maggie's last days

Today I am remembering my dear dog Maggie's last days in this world. On Wednesday morning, we had to make a tough, tough decision to let her go. She had suffered two massive seizures in the night that affected her vision and mobility and she was extremely disoriented and confused.

Our sweet angel had been in a decline for about a year and since last summer she'd been having periodic seizures, and increasing difficulty with balance and walking. There was one episode in October left her unable to move her hind legs for a while. We were away at the time and my friend Peggy cared for her until we returned. She made a marvellous recovery and managed to stay with us for her 15th birthday, a visit with her Japanese friend Aiko in December, and a short trip to Vancouver for a couple of days at Christmas.

This photo was taken on New Years Day at Parker beach, with Maggie wearing her "help me up" harness. We took the dogs to their favourite beach as Maggie seemed strong enough. She was so happy to be at the beach again playing "keep the stick away from Geordie" and even splashing in the water. Harry had to carry her back up the stairs to the car, but she had such fun. Saturday afternoon she got another nice walk in the woods with a couple of other dogs, but on Sunday and Monday she seemed very fatigued and confused.

Son Jamie came home on Tuesday to sort through some of his childhood stuff that's been stored in the crawlspace in preparation for selling the house.  So he was here on Wednesday morning when Maggie took a turn for the worse.  In fact, it was Jamie who drove Maggie and me to the vet on Wednesday morning and helped me with the tough decision, and held my hand as we all said goodbye with tears running down our faces.

Here's Jamie and Maggie in happier times. We got the puppy when Jamie was ten because he really wanted a dog, although I always knew she'd be my dog.  Maggie and I had such fun together doing flyball and agility. And we all went camping in the motorhome and travelling to the southwestern states and Mexico. She was a speed demon with dog sports but was also a sweet, gentle dog and loved playing fetch with kids.

Maggie had a wonderful long life so there's really nothing to be sad about really..... Except that we all miss her sweet disposition and presence in our life. The house is so empty without her, even though our other dog Geordie is still here. He seems at a loss and comes to lick my face whenever he senses I am sad. I'm glad he's still with us but it seems very strange to have just one dog.

As for Maggie, I hope she's somewhere beautiful with lakes and sticks and dogs to play with, free from seizures and confusion and pain and limited mobility.  I hope she's chasing crows and playing flyball somewhere over the rainbow.

Dearest Maggie, you taught me so much about love. I'll never forget you my sweet girlie.


  1. I knew this post was coming but I really didn't want to see it.
    So happy you had the last few months with her after your trip.
    She was a very sweet and beautiful lady.

    I am facing this with Watson who is now deaf and in liver failure.
    You just love them and then they leave you with a broken heart .

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Yes, it's very hard to see them go so soon. But it's better to have them in our lives even thought it's not as long as we would like. My thoughts go out to you and your dear Watson.

  2. We will miss Maggie and it must be lonely without her. She had such a nice presence about her. We have three friends who we housesat for who have lost cats to old age in the last month. The pets were just as much our friends too. Transitions are all around us.

    1. Hi Ches, yes it is lonely and yes it seems this is a time of many transitions. Hope you two are doing well.


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