Thursday, June 5, 2014

Around the neighbourhood

Our new neighbourhood, Fernwood,  is more urban and funky than Haliburton Hill.  We took the dog on a walk around the other morning and I snapped a few photos.

Here are some of the old wood frame houses, often painted bright colours.

That's our house on the left.

The cars here tend to look a little different too.  Where we lived before was the land of BMWs and Mercedes and SUVs.  Here the cars are more unique. Some are relics, some have messages on them.

Just down from us is an allotment garden with very enthusiastic gardeners who live in apartments.

Here's the high school, built in 1912, and still a thriving educational community. The students have painted this big metal storage structure very nicely.

On Sunday morning a group of young people was playing ultimate frisbee on the field.

There's lots more to show you about the pocket markets, the little coffee shops and bakeries and restaurants too.  We are liking it here.


  1. I will now look up Fernwood so I can see where you live.
    Love love love your new neighborhood.
    It seems perfect.

    cheers, parsnip


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