Sunday, June 1, 2014

Happy June

It's June and it's sunny. What could be better?  I love this month when the weather cooperates. I love the fact that the days are still getting longer. Here on Vancouver Island it's light until almost 10:00 pm. Plus June is my birthday month so everything seems celebratory.  Every year at this time the wild roses come into bloom with their captivating fragrance.

And the peonies, oh my, how lovely they are! I bought a few at the market yesterday and they're filling my kitchen with their intoxicating scent.  This morning we ate outside and I put the flowers on the table covered with an oilcloth I got last year in Tucson. I just had to take a photo of them in the morning sun. Summer is here.


  1. Oh My June is a favorite month for me too.
    First It is my Mum's Birthday today.
    I adore Peonies, love the oilcloth table cloth (where did you find it)
    And I am so happy June is a great month where you live.
    Wish I could send you a saguaro bloom.

    cheers, parsnip


I really appreciate your comments.