Saturday, May 31, 2014

Abeego: What a great idea!

Today at Victoria's Moss Street Market I found the greatest thing for wrapping food without using that awful plastic wrap.  It's hemp fabric impregnated with beeswax.  Doesn't it look nice covering the bowl of strawberries?  When you've finished with it, you can wipe it off or wash it in cold water and use it over and over.

This product is the brain child of a young Victoria woman, Toni Desrosiers, who was looking for a more wholesome and environmentally conscious way to store food.  In addition to its reusability, this product allows the food to breathe and the beeswax has some antibacterial properties. Plus I think it makes my fridge look very organized and healthy.  I like that they put some stitching on the wrap so it looks kind of old fashioned.

I bought a package of three sizes. The smallest size is used here to wrap cheese, the middle size is on the bowl and you can see the larger size at the bottom.  Apparently Toni is in the running for a "Young Entrepreuner Award" and if you like the idea, you can help her win $100,000 to take her small business to the next level.  To find out more, go to this website:

You can even cast your vote to help her win.


  1. Sounds wonderful.
    I have been exchanging ideas with a blogger in the UK about not using any plastics in covering our food. She has similar health problems to me. I am trying to reduce the canned foods also especially tomatoes.
    I have to be very careful around unprocessed honey.

    cheers, parsnip


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