Thursday, May 22, 2014

The longest afternoon

When you fly from east to west on a jet plane you're actually flying at about the same speed and in the same direction that the earth is turning.  I hadn't actually made this connection before, but it's so. And the time zones prove it. We left Frankfurt yesterday at about 1:30 pm and flew west for nine and a half hours, arriving in Vancouver  at 2:15 pm.  For us, yesterday afternoon lasted about 15 hours or so. We waited in Vancouver for almost three hours for the 14 minute trip to Victoria because there was a delay with our luggage and we missed the first flight.  When we got home at 5:45 it was still the same afternoon.

My sister picked us up at the airport and Sue had dinner ready. We celebrated with our new aperitif, the Aperol spritz.  Soon after dinner we went to bed and slept for long blissful hours.  It's wonderful to be home and to see Geordie and continue settling in to our new/old home.

Here's what we found in the front garden to welcome us home, a beautifully blooming Rhodo. May in Victoria is the best time of year for gardens and I'm glad to be here to enjoy it.


  1. That wrecks havoc with the body's internal clock. It'll take you a bit to get readjusted.


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