Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Two more days of cycling

What fun we're having on the barge and bike tour.  We're with a small group of very compatible people (besides us and our friends from Victoria Ritchie and Liz, there are two women from Austria that are funny and sweet).  Liz and I here are flanking Catherine and Gillian. This was taken this morning before we set out on our ride.

On Tuesday we cycled almost 60 km, a new record for me. And today we cycled 40 plus km. We've visited small town wine shops, Medieval walls, 15th century castles, bird sanctuaries and other beautiful spots.

Wine can be bought and taken home in your own container for a very reasonable cost.

This afternoon we went into a lovely city called Ferramo. Above you can see the walls around the city, which you can ride around on a bike. And here's Sylvia, one of the cooks (she's from Napoli and she came cycling with us today). She's describing some of special toes of gelato in the store.

But the highlight for me is coming back from the cycling and hanging out with our friends (and that includes the staff) on the Ave Maria.

Here she is tonight berthed in a sweet little village (see the bridge and church tower below).

It's the mid-point of our trip and we celebrated with an outdoor barbecue featuring beef steak, polenta, ribs, and sausage all done over wood charcoal. I've always wanted to dine at a long table in Europe and this was it.  A perfect, wonderful evening.

The bridge into the little town where we're moored tonight.

The table set for dinner outside.

Guiliano and Fabbio cooking barbecue over wood coals.

                               Enjoying a fabulous dinner with our new international friends.

PS:  I have to tell you that the food on this boat is GOURMET.  tonight's dessert was the best panna cotta I've ever had.  I may even have some new recipes to try when we get home.

Now I've put myself to bed with some Voltaren for the sore muscles.  Tomorrow it's another 40 km, sweetened by wine tasting and cheese sampling.  What could be better!


  1. Best trip ever !
    The food sounds wonderful.
    Thank goodness you have the bike rides.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. That's a lot of cycling! Beautiful shots!


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