Monday, May 12, 2014

Italians and their dogs

Italians just love their dogs.  It's easy to see this when you walk around town.  And the dogs are really well socialized because they get to go everywhere with their owners. Even into bars and stores and cafes. It's so very civilized.

This sweetheart Bernese Mountain dog just had a drink from the fountain and looks up gratefully at his owner.

I love the way this little guy poses beside the lion statue. I think all three figures here have strong elegance.

This man and his dog sitting at a sidewalk cafe have a similar look to my mind; both with white fluffy hair.

What about this darling little Chocolate lab puppy? It's definitely attracting attention from these girls with its turquoise harness and leash.

This sweet dog was sitting quietly on the floor in the bar beside his owner until I asked if I could take his photo.  The guy scooped him up on his lap for a picture.  He couldn't believe that we in Canada are unable to bring our dogs into the cafes and bars.

This lovely Irish Setter demonstrates a perfected sit as his owner fiddles with the leash at an outdoor cafe.

And look at this cute dog trotting speedily along beside his owner.

Yes, Italians love their dogs, especially the guys I think. And the dogs have a much richer life for being able to accompany their owners wherever they go.  It's much more dog friendly here than in Victoria.


  1. I love this posts.
    I think the reason we don't let dog go every where is people don't train their dogs much like their children, at lest here in the U.S. We can even get them to clean up after the dogs poos.
    I met lots of great dogs in Venice and on the water taxis most wore muzzles to help with the bumping into to everyone. Great owners and terrific dogs.

    cheers, parsnip

  2. Beautiful dogs! That first one looks bigger than the human!


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