Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Hudson

Now that we're back from our trip we're continuing to get to know our new neighbourhood.  It's fun to live in an urban environment and be able to shop by bicycle or even by foot.  Just five blocks from here is The Hudson, Victoria's first real public market, where we went today to pick up some salad stuff for dinner.

I've been hoping for a real downtown market for years, ever since the Granville Island Market opened in Vancouver.  Of course, we're a lot smaller but I have high hopes for the public market here.

The Hudson came into being as part of a condominium development in the old Hudson's Bay building. These iconic department store buildings were built by the Hudson's Bay Company probably over 100 years ago.  The company is now just called "The Bay" and has moved into new digs down by the inner harbour.  So the Hudson has been re-visoned (is that a word?) and there are condos, rental housing, coffee shops, stores and the big public market.

There are some very cool stores there catering to niche markets. There's one selling homemade pies, another artisan meats, another specialty teas, local cheeses. There even one dedicated to olive oils and vinegars where you can taste before you buy. Also, there's a greata fish market and a place specializing in East Indian take-out food, plus some other little lunch places.  And several times a week there are farmers' markets where local growers sell their produce.

I grant you, there are no bargains at these stores but the quality of food they offer is superb.  We want to do our part to support the market so from time to time we'll head down on our bikes to pick up a few specialty items.  Today it was organic arugula and avocado. Next time, maybe some homemade sausage. It's part of the fun of living in the city, especially now that Victoria's growing up.


  1. Fabulous !
    Now I have to figure where you live ?
    On the island or the mainland ?

    cheers, parsnip


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