Friday, May 9, 2014

Last two cycling days to Mantua

Some photos from the last two days cycling near Mantua.

Hein holding forth about the central square in Ferara

Old farm houses along the Po River

Harry riding along the river

Gran Padano cheeses being ripened

The number 808 refers to the cooperative that makes the cheese.

A musical calliope from Paris. We saw this and many other carousels from a museum in a small town near Mantova. They make 90% of the fairground rides in the world here.

Some votive hearts from a church where  people make these to thank God for cures and salvation.

Another view of this interesting church.

Mother and small child at the river's edge.

A lovely old structure with beautiful weathered colours.

A lunch break along the river.

Tonight is our last night aboard the Ave Maria. We had another fabulous dinner on the top deck.  This is a week we'll never forget.


  1. I started drooling when the wheels of cheese appeared!

    What an adventure! Your photos are awe inspiring.

  2. What a wonderful trip so far. So happy that you found the time to go.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. Beautiful shots, particularly that church.

  4. oh my god...the cheese! my soul for a round of that cheese!


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