Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cooking at home in Italy

We were reminded tonight how wonderful it is to be able to do some cooking at home in Italy.  This morning we bought some fresh strawberries, apricots, asparagus and Pecorino cheese at the outdoor market.  And we cooked in our little kitchen for dinner.  I wish I'd taken a photo of the asparagus on the plate. It was such a brilliant green and it was so fresh and yummy with just a little cheese grated on top. We didn't have salt and pepper even, but it wasn't needed.. The best asparagus I've ever had.

And the strawberries! Well they tasted the way you remember strawberries tasting when you were a kid.

I'm not sure what we're doing wrong in North America but our food just doesn't taste as good and fresh as the food from the Italian markets.  I know that here in Italy the freshness and the locale of the food is important. And it really shows up in the flavour.

We spent the day walking around Trieste and there's so much to see and do. We've decided to stay here for the balance of our trip and maybe take a couple of day trips into the Friuli area. By the way, the local Friuli wine is EXCELLENT too.

Here are a few photos from our day to give you an idea of what we're seeing.

Roman arch in the old Part of Trieste

Aperol spritz at a cafe on the piazza

sunset on one of the Hapsburg buildings


  1. it all looks so fabulous! I know what you mean about the strawberries. Dianne

  2. Well when you buy your food from the market fresh that day for dinner and not trucked for days and weeks like here in the US food does tastes so much better.
    It all looks so wonderful. Love the Roman Arch.

    cheers, parsnip


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