Friday, June 27, 2014

Turning the corner on the garden reno

The last two days have seen an incredible change in our back garden. After weeks of construction and dust and debris, things have really come together.  Just take a look at these before and after shots.

The west corner of the garden yesterday morning with tools and debris, and this morning with the wall finished a a big coral bark maple planted.

The photo on the left is looking down the west side of the house yesterday morning with exposed irrigation pipes and Connor working on the arch. The one on the right is the same view this morning with shrubs being planted. The arch is almost finished.

And here is the arch completed; Connor is finishing the cap on the brick wall. By the way, most of these bricks came from a chimney in an old church, probably built around the time that this house was under construction in 1898.

The green in the photo above is the top of a large Coral Bark Maple that will be the focus of this corner.  I was thrilled to see that we could get such a large specimen.
Here you can see them getting it off the truck, and on the right it's waiting to be planted.

This view is from the back porch looking west yesterday morning after some cleanup, and below is the same view this afternoon. What a difference a day makes!

We still have a ways to go with lighting, finishing the water feature, some more planting and adding an arbour just where you can see Connor building some brick footings in this photo. But when the sun comes back out this weekend we will actually be able to enjoy some time in our beautifully evolving garden.


  1. Outstanding beautiful !
    You always have the best yards.
    I can't wait to see what else you do with it. Adding your personal touches.

    cheers, parsnip


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