Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Up-cycling at the Moss Street Market

The Moss Street market market has been running here in Victoria for over 20 years on Saturdays from May through October on the grounds of an elementary school in Fairfield, a central neighbourhood. Now that we're back in the city it's easier to get there, and it's really grown in the nine years that we were away.

It used to be just a few farm stands and some handicrafts, but now it spills out onto the sidewalk and into an adjacent community building. There's organic veggies, local vinegars and oils, honey, baked goods, food booths, live music, crafts, and much much more.

This guy plays beautiful music on a metal pan-type instrument made in Germany.

I love these curly garlic scapes. You can't buy them in the store. And these orange peppers are the sweetest ones I've ever tasted.

One of the things that's really big now at the market is the concept of up-cycling. This is where creative people go to thrift shops and get old clothing and other cast-offs and repurpose them into clever and attractive things that they can sell.  Here are a couple of examples.

This young woman and her daughter create monsters out of felted wool sweaters. Some are purses complete with eyes and smiles. Others are big huggable creatures with deep pockets in their mouths or tummies for kids to keep their treasures. Isn't that clever?

Here's Sue with a skirt she loves that was created from a pair of blue jeans. What a great idea!

And this one was so cute.  These are felted wood that's transformed into clothing for little ones. Once it's been felted the fabric can go into the washing machine. And it's warm and totally sustainably produced.

Just look at the variety of kids clothes that has been created here!

Don't you just love the concept of up-cycling? These creative young people give me hope for the future.


  1. From your posts since moving, I think that you have made a wonderful choice to live here.

    cheers, parsnip

    1. Thanks Parsnip, we are really enjoying it here.


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