Sunday, June 11, 2017

Jackie's superb photography show

My friend Jackie is an artist of many mediums--and her latest is photography. Today she was showing her beautiful photos in her studio in Oak Bay. I knew I had to go even though it's been a busy, busy day. And I was so happy to spend time with these sensitive, serene photographs.

She calls her show "Quiet Devotion" and the title is so apt. Her photos reflect her devoted eye in finding patterns and textures everywhere in nature.

Here's just a taste of what was on display.

Now if you missed the show opening, which was only today, it's not too late to see her photography. The show is up for the next couple of weeks and you need only email her to arrange a time for a private viewing. I highly recommend it. Email her at

As a bonus you'll get to see here lovely back garden and studio with her collection of succulents.


  1. So exciting !
    Lovely interesting photos.
    Looks like you are having wonderful weather.
    I am so enjoying your ever growing circle of artist friends.

    cheers, parsnip


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