Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Wine tasting on Naramata Bench

Some photos from our day of wine tasting today on the beautiful Naramata Bench overlooking Lake Okanagan. This is the outdoor patio at La Frenz with its million dollar view.

Next stop was Terra Vista, which focuses on grapes from Spain. I enjoyed tasting the wine and visiting with the dog, while Harry enjoyed chatting with the guys who grow the grapes and make the wine. Because he's the driver, he doesn't do much tasting but he does like talking with the guys about the vats and the equipment and the land.

We had lunch in an orchard at Joie, a farm and vineyard with wonderful wood-fired pizza served al fresco.  And they had a Border Collie puppy for me to visit with. What could be better?
Harry liked the dogs but also the 1942 Ford truck. 

It was a fabulous day and tomorrow we say farewell to the Okanagan and head east to continue our trip towards the Kootenays.


  1. This is so different from my life right now. 92 at 8am.... several fires south and west of us.
    Only 107 today !
    When I see your wonderful photos of your trip, with the lakes rivers and very green wine country I am in love,. Especially with the very gud dugs who only make it better !
    Lovely trip so far.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  2. The dogs are good company. The landscape there is quite beautiful!


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