Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Ruffino Tamayo Museum, Mexico City

We've been home a week now and I'm just about recovered from my post-Mexico turista. At least it waited until I was home to show its face. Our trip was intense and fascinating and I didn't have enough time to show you all that I wanted to, so I'm going to do a few more posts on our trip.

I was fascinated by an exhibit of Mexican handicrafts at the Rufino Tamayo Museum. This museum is a contemporary art showcase in Chapultepec Park that features changing exhibits as well as a collection of works from the museum's namesake, a wealthy collector from Oaxaca. He was into contemporary art of the time and I was excited to see a Mark Rothko painting and one by Helen Frankenthaler among the collection. But the photos here are all from the craft exhibit and they show the incredible richness and variety of articles produced in different parts of the country.

Paper lanterns



Woven rugs

It was wonderful to see these in a museum rather than a tourist store. Somehow it elevated the work and it became apparent just how much artistry and craftsmanship goes into these things.

These woven grass ornaments are still a big part of Palm Sunday celebrations all over the country. And shoes like these can be found in every market.

I liked how they even included bakery goods that are unique to Mexico.

And spun and dyed wool in truly Mexican colours.

These papier mache figures are harder to find. I would love to have one of these. 

It was an amazing exhibit and I'm sure would give any Mexican person who saw it a feeling of pride about their country's unique art and crafts.


  1. Wonderful photos.(as always)
    You find such interesting angles and subjects to shoot.
    Can not wait for more photos.

    cheers, parsnip and thehamish

  2. The glassware is particularly eye catching!


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