Thursday, June 15, 2017

The start of a road trip

After two weeks at home we're headed off on a British Columbia road trip. It's coming a little close on the heels of our Mexico City adventure but it will be an entirely different trip.  Our little car is stuffed with books and a cooler and several changes of shoes, binoculars and other necessities. Very different from the carry-ons that we took with us last month.

We've spent the last two weeks getting caught up and readying our house and our AirBnB suite for guests and yesterday afternoon we arrived in Vancouver.  We're here for a couple of days staying with a friend before heading to the interior of the province. Our destinations are the Okanagan and eventually the Kootenays.

This is Granville Island, where we're heading today to pick up some fresh local food for dinner. When we packed for this trip it was warm and sunny in Victoria and somehow we managed to leave our raincoats back at home. Today it's raining lightly, but that's a Vancouver trademark so we'll just make do with our umbrellas.  I'm hoping that the weather will improve as we head inland.

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