Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The gas company

Here in Mazatlan most people use propane for cooking and hot water and there's one company in town that delivers the gas.  The guys come with their big trucks and climb up on your roof with a hose to fill the tank. The name of the company is Gaspasa and there trucks all over town like the one above.  I for one cannot see these trucks without thinking of passing gas.  Not sure if this means the same thing in Spanish but I doubt it.  I think somebody should put out a Gaspasa T shirt.  I think there are quite a few people here who might buy one for a family member.


  1. joanna - before i read your article i thought the same thing and i think you're sitting on a gold mine! brang out the t-shirts and fund your next journey down to mexico!!! steven

  2. I'll buy one...I know just the person to give it to. Thanks for the giggle.


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