Friday, February 19, 2010

Mexican wall art


Down in the centro there are some talented artists who decorate walls.  What do you think of these?  In my mind they're certainly not graffiti.  Or if they are, it's a higher form.

Then there's the lovely abstract art created when the plaster finishes on the old walls wears off in layers.  Or maybe some of the layers are paint covering up graffiti.  Take a look at this one.  I think I see some lips from a previous image there.  In any case, it's nice to look at.

I'm collecting some more of this found art and will share some with you in a while.


  1. Graffiti is so problematic. I really like the artistry of some - and you have some good examples. At the same time, I'm wondering how I would feel if it was my newly painted house walls that became the canvas.

  2. hey joanna - see graffiti carries such a negative connotation and i just see it as another art form - lots and lots of beautiful, clever proof right here in these photographs!!! i love the last one. ooooh i like that a lot. steven

  3. hi - I'm with Stephanie on this one. The first image of the blue jellyfish -- I wonder if they asked the owners' permission. It's obviously a well cared for house. Not sure how I'd feel if I came out one day and saw it. Maybe the art community could find a location like we have here (Wildfire Bakery, the reservoir off Haliburton) where folks could come and express, without upsetting owners. The images are wonderful. There should be a venue somewhere. Jan

  4. Thanks for your comments. I think my favourite (like Steven's maybe) is the last one, which is just found art!


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