Saturday, February 27, 2010

The salad drying system

If you walked into our little utility room any day after we've been to the market, this is what you'd find.  It's our setup for drying the greens after they've been through their purifying wash.  That's cilantro in the red strainer and lettuce on the right. 

Here in Mexico it's advisable to disinfect all fruit and vegetables that will be eaten raw to make sure there are no traces of bad bacteria that might cause tummy problems.  Some people use a little bit of bleach or iodine but we use the newer purifying drops called Microdyn, which are ionized silver (whatever that is) because it doesn't leave any residual taste.  Then we lay them out on a towel to air dry.

Harry got the idea of a fan system for the curly leaves that take longer to dry.  Lettuce and cilantro go soggy if they're left too long with water on them so Harry rigged up this fan system for the curly slow-drying leave. Let's just call it tropical improvisation.


  1. joanna - if i ever work up the courage to live life the way you are then i'll remember this!!! warmth and sunshine and colour and beauty - well right now . . . i've got one of those!!! steven

  2. Nice of Harry to find a solution for you:)


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