Monday, February 22, 2010

Maggie the beach ambassador

Our sweet dog Maggie makes friends wherever she goes but she shines the brightest here in Mazatlan on the beach.  That's because she just loves to play catch with a stick or a ball or whatever's handy.  And here on the beach there are always kids that want to play.  The other day was a bonus day for her and for these three little girls from Colorado who were missing their dog at home.

Here she's leading them deeper into the water.

We're always happy when she meets up with kids because after eleven years of throwing balls and sticks we're a little tired of it!  Just doing a quick calculation, if we throw the ball for her 30 times a day (and that's conservative) it adds up to 120,450 throws.


  1. Only a dog can provide this kind of therapy. What an uplifting post.

    You have thrown a lot of sticks and balls in your day, haven't you?

  2. What a lovely story ~ it's always wonderful when dogs & kids get together! We've just returned from three sunny, warm days in Tofino. A rarity in February! The Dogs and Alix had a great time.

    See you in April!

  3. joanna there's a magic in the relationship of animals and children. i was wondering when you did your calculation at the end if you had considered the distance your puppy had run?!!! steven


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