Saturday, February 6, 2010

Family and the Plazuela Machado

Since Thursday we've had visitors here--my brother and his wife and their little girl.  They're only here until Tuesday afternoon so we're giving them the whirlwind tour.  Friday we spent the morning at the beach, made a sand castle and followed it with lunch and a swim at the Luna Palace.  In the afternoon we headed down to el centro for the monthly art walk.  My brother (who's maybe even more of a photo geek than I am) spent his time taking pictures of the old walls and buildings.

We ended up at the Plazuela Machado just at sunset.  We attended an art opening in the Angela Peralta Theatre and Callie got a little treat from one of the carts.

Later we had an al fresco dinner at one of the restaurants that ring the plaza.

Today we headed out to visit the Hacienda las Moras.  It's wonderful to share these special places with them.


  1. lucky lucky them. i love the shot of brother taking a shot as family walks away. i have experienced that so many times myself!!!! steven

  2. You get to be tourists all over again!

  3. Beautiful. Last picture is awesome, very toching. :-)


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