Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Changing landscapes

For the past few days we've been driving north and west from Southern Arizona through Utah, Oregon, Washington and into cool and cloudy British Columbia.  Here are a few of the changing landscapes we saw on our trip.  Here's the desert in Arizona near Tucson.

Note the blooming wild flowers.

And this is what we saw in an arboretum in the high desert east of Phoenix.

Heading north we stopped at the beautiful Zion Canyon in Utah.

Just up from Zion we ran into snow.

Into Eastern Oregon there are areas of prairie.

This is along the Columbia river in Northern Oregon.

Heading west through more mountains into the mist.  The ambience went from warm and dry and light to cool and wet and heavy. 

The clothing changed from flip flops and shorts to socks and vests and raincoats.  This last photo was taken in Jericho Park in Vancouver.  The ground was soaking wet and spring is just beginning.


  1. Welcome back to our misty spring.

  2. joanna - i love the utah shots and the mountains - breathtaking. welcome to your other home. the mist blew through here at seven a.m. thick, grey, and magic!! steven

  3. Beautiful photographs, the prairie shots were wonderful as where the the mountain photo of your home (?)
    In the last week everything that can bloom is blooming in Tucson. Color everywhere !

    cheers, parsnip

  4. Stephanie, thanks! It is pretty misty today.

    Steven, I agree the Utah photos are best. Isn't is a gorgeous place? Yes, mist can be magical with the right frame of mind.

    Parsnip, the mountain photo is from Washington. We'll be home tomorrow and I'll post something from the Saanich Peninsula. It's not quite so rugged.


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