Sunday, April 25, 2010

Oak Shadow - Uplands Park

Today being Shadow Shot Sunday over at Hey Harriet's blog, I'm presenting this photo taken at when we were walking with the dogs last week at Uplands Park.  If you look closely you can see some of the Camas and Bluebells alongside the path.  Uplands is a large natural Garry Oak meadow right in town and it's a lovely walk in April when the trees are just coming into leaf. 


  1. A path through the woods—
    where does it go? Only the
    adventurous know.

    Wisdom stone

  2. I am entranced with the way the tree's shadow snakes along the pathway ... superb!

    Happy SSS!

  3. joanna - that's a really beautiful shadow. i was in some woods the other day and marvelled at the weaving of the shadows. once you notice them it's like an entire world has been layered over the world of your seeing. steven

  4. That's a beautiful photograph, Joanna.

  5. Thanks for your comments everyone.

    Steven, you're so right--once you start seeing shadows they are everywhere!

    Clytie, thanks for visiting. I enjoyed seeing your blog.

  6. Your dogs are very lucky to be taken on such scenic walks! What a lovely spot!

  7. Wow! I'm going to be paying more attention to shadows now. Lovely photo!

  8. This is a wonderful photo !

    maybe because I grew up with the strong Tucson sunlight I really love and notice shadows.

  9. Wow, very cool. Beautiful place for a walk!


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