Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Time to smell the flowers

It's been an odd week, well less than a week actually since we've been home.  I'm feeling myself resisting being pulled into things here, not wanting to be overwhelmed with my previous life.  It was kind of overwhelming at times, partly because I took on too many things.  Most of them were things I wanted to do but my life it got pretty hectic at times.

Being away from Victoria and its demands on my time has been wonderful.  Perhaps the holiday from the telephone was one of the best things about being in Mazatlan.  But now we're back and I'm feeling my way into my life and trying to save some time for me.  I'd like to have time to get a pilates or yoga practice going, time to invite a friend over for a cup of tea, time for a really long walk with the dogs (not just a perfunctory march around the block), time to do some water colour painting.  It's not easy letting go of things you're involved in but these few months away have given me a chance to rethink.  Wish me luck.


  1. It's odd, isn't it, that we have to take drastic action like moving away to get out from under the burden of activity that we create for ourselves?
    I do hope that you are able to maintain the joy of your Mazatlan freedom and balance it with the best of activities from both worlds. Good luck!

  2. well joanna you know what matters to you. i love that returning feeling when i reconsider myself in light of the person i have learned i am. you are already fortunate!!! steven

  3. One must practice the word, no. It's a much maligned and frequently ignored little word. Those two letters pack a powerful punch. Start using them. If you can't say no, practice saying, "let me think about that and get back to you." That way, you don't make a snap decision without thinking how it will affect you.

    Good luck!


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