Thursday, April 29, 2010

Bird life discovered

Having recently revitalized our hummingbird feeder, we're now receiving multiple visits from several of these sweet little birds.  At one point this morning there were two of them circling and dipping their beaks into the little nectar cups.  We feel so lucky to be able to watch them feed, and it's happening many times a day.  This is the one that comes most often.  She's quite large and not particularly colourful.  I haven't identified the type of hummingbird she is yet.  But she is very sweet don't you think?

It even looks as though there may be a nest in the plum tree outside our kitchen window.  We haven't actually spotted the nest but I can hear the hummingbird sound coming from the tree--a distinctive clicking chatter.  Plus they seem to fly up to the feeder from the tree and then return to it.   

Now that we've started watching the plum tree we're also seeing other birds hanging around in it.  Today there was a beauty with a striking yellow colour on its neck and wings.  And then there's a big fat chickadee that hops around from branch to branch plucking caterpillars off the leaves.  I'm all for that.  

I think it's time to get a bird book and find out more about local birds. What an honour for us to be able to observe part of their life from our window.


  1. joanna this reminds me that i should be setting up the feeders this year as part of our take back the garden project! i love watching them and my kids are intrigued also. even more when the chipmunks and squirrels ignore their non-invitation and show up for a feed! steven

  2. I like the sound of the "take back the garden" project. You do this at your school?

  3. I love hummers! That's probably a rufous female as they are more drab than the male. He has quite an irridescent throat.

  4. I love Hummingbirds, lovely photos.
    I have a birdhouse that I thought was only decorative but 2 tiny tiny finches (?) have taken it over as their home and they flit in and out all day.
    I like you feel very lucky to be able to see this everyday.


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