Thursday, April 22, 2010

I love tulips

I just love tulips.  As you can probably see from these photographs of some of the glorious blooms in my back yard.  It's hard to stop with the camera.  I've been trying to reduce them to their essential tulipness with tight cropped images.  What cheeky flowers they are!


  1. They are glorious. Your photos are stunning.

    Such a happy flower, don't you think?

  2. Oh my goodness Joanna! Where have you been? I visited your profile so many times hoping to find your blog. Was it there all the time? This is absolutely gorgeous! I'm thrilled to have found this (by way of Steven's blog). Cheers!

  3. Hi Joanna

    what a variety of tulips you have. The last one looks like a tie dyed tulip and would be my favourite.

    Happy days

  4. Wow, you have some unusual ones, you can't get in the store here in California! Maybe you remember I'm Dutch?
    Whenever you have the chance, go to Holland in May to the "Keukenhof" (it's only open for a short time -when you go in June you may be too late -check on line) -it's a park especially with all the varieties of tulips -even black ones!!
    They are continuously propagating new varieties. Really worth visiting!

  5. Hi Rudee,
    Yes, happy is exactly right. And they make me happy too.

  6. Hi Kathleen,
    I'm glad you found me again--although I've actually been here all along. Bbeen posting from Mazatlan in Mexico over the winter but the blog has been the same. Are you still in New Orleans.

  7. H Delwyn, that last one is actually in my sister's garden. I think they're called parrot tulips. Isn't it just wild with the curly bits!

  8. Hi Jeanette, that's a great recommendation. I would love to see tulips in Holland. I know that they originated there.

  9. I adore close-up shots !
    the way you can really see what the whole is made of.

    The Tulip colors are fabulous and I so envy your garden.
    Living in the Sonoran Desert away from the city I have given up all thoughts of a lush garden. I get to live vicariously through yours, Thanks !

  10. I love your tulip images..fantastic. I especially like the last one.xlynda

  11. Hi Joanna! Ah yes, I remember now. How is that I missed that little fact. Weird! I'm back in Minnesota. The visit in New Orleans was for 5 days. That's about the extent of my ability to be away from the dogginess of my home.


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