Friday, August 6, 2010

In a colour rut

I knew I was in a colour rut when I talked to my son Jamie on the phone. I said: I'm painting the kitchen.  And Jamie said: Oh yeah. Let me guess. It's green.

What could I say? It is green--a soft warm grayed creamy green, but still it's green. And now I realize that every room in my house (with the exception of the laundry room and Harry's workshop) is some tone of green.

Well, I tried with the kitchen. I chose a colour that was more of a pale brown (well, ok, beige.) But when I put it on the walls it looked wrong. Too brown. So i headed out to the shed to find some leftover paint to make it right. What was right was... well I guess we can call it Joanna's creamy green.

This is what it looked like when it was finished.  The kitchen was a rich ochre before and it had worn thin. Too dark, too intense. The soft green works for me. It's restful and fresh and it  shows off the art work nicely. So what if I'm in a colour rut. I like green.


  1. I love your color rut...creamy green is very peaceful.
    Decorators these days seem to be making every room in the house more or less the same color with some variation in intensity. You're in good company.
    BTW, we're in the middle of repainting our computer room. It will be...a green tea color.

  2. Hi Stepahnie,
    Green tea sounds like an absolutely lovely colour. Perhaps I'll rename my colour Green tea. Have a lovely day.

  3. I love green too, but I've painted all the rooms in caffé latté or caramel, or urban loft (a light creamy color) -- the in colors for houses being put up for adoption -- and get my green fix from the outdoors. Since you live in B.C. and I live farther south on Puget Sound, you'll know what I mean.

  4. Hi Meri, caramel or caffe latte sounds like a colour I could live with. Yes, we get the same level as outdoor green as you do in Tacoma, both winter and summer. That's why the indoor green has to be very warm.

  5. Green is my favorite color in all of its glorious shades. I have to work hard not to slap too much of it around, or in the case of yarn, to buy too much.

    It's the color that speaks to us--may as well embrace this!

  6. You are so right Rudee. As for yarn, it must be lovely to work with a colour you just love.


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