Monday, August 16, 2010

Riverside play

Camping at the river is all about playing in the water, especially when the temperatures soar.   And that's pretty much what we spent our camping trip doing.  Our campsite was right beside the river and Callie and the dogs spent every available moment there.  Callie just adores dogs and Maggie loves little girls so they had a lot of fun together playing catch the water drops, fetch the stick, and swimming together in the pools.

Geordie loves to wade in the pools (always on a leash for safety reasons), Maggie loves anything to do with water and  Callie loves to swim any time so it was a perfect spot.

We spent Thursday, Friday and Saturday morning there and then headed down to a birthday party at Shawnigan Lake in the afternoon.  Guess what Callie spent her time doing there?  You're right--swimming in the lake.


  1. i lovve these summertime photos - kids and puppies playing in the water. it's so good! steven

  2. The first picture is Fabulous !

    Little Girls and Doggies do indeed go together, of course the water helps !

    What a perfect river area to spend some summer fun.

    cheers, parsnip

  3. A child, a dog, a lake - couldn't be better. I can feel the happiness here in CO.

  4. The perfect place to be when the weather is this hot! Those water drops splashing up are so cool-looking.


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