Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Moses Point Picnic

It's surprising how you can live in a place for decades and never get to some of the special places.  Moses Point has been here all these years but I've never visited it before.  And it's just a lovely spot for an evening picnic. 

 Linette gave us directions and we joined a few other compatible people for a picnic, complete with white wine and conversation. Our two dogs were lucky enough to come along and had a lovely time swimming out after sticks.

We enjoyed our food and then watched the sailboats and the fishermen and then sat peacefully as the sun sank into the west. 


For sure we'll be going there again.  It's a most peaceful and beautiful place to spend a summer evening. I am so grateful to live in such a beautiful part of the world.


  1. Wow, what a lovely respite you provided. Thank you. We live just blocks from one of Minneapolis' most popular lakes. I'll never understand why I don't make my way down their more often. Your pup looks adorable, by the way.
    Peace and peace and peace --

  2. Hi Joanna

    it does look a peaceful spot. I love the way that you have caught the sun on the fallen log and tree in the first photo bringing out the red tint in the bark...

    happy days

  3. oh wow oh wow joanna - what a gorgeous place and one of the very best ways to enjoy it - friends, wine and food!!! so good. steven

  4. What lovely pictures, it felt like I was there.
    We all should visit the lovely places we live next to. I seem to put things off for a variety of reasons and none of them really good.
    I live near Sabino Canyon filled with water even in the hot Arizona summer and have I made it there yet this year ?
    No, I haven't but now I will thanks to you.

    cheers, parsnip

  5. Hi Kathleen, it's funny that we don't go to the lovely places nearby. Often we go to the lake with our dogs. They guilt us into it.

    Thanks Delwyn for your comment. The red bark of the Arbutus tree is really lovely isn't it? Especially in the evening sun.

    Steven, you're right. Wine, friends and food make beauty even better. Happy birthday btw.

    Parsnip, we've been into Sabino Canyon and you're right, it is a treasure. Try to keep cool.


I really appreciate your comments.