Sunday, August 1, 2010

Shadow Shot Sunday

Sitting outside a contemporary cafe in Vancouver's Chinatown on a sunny Friday morning I spotted these cheerful shadows.  Check out shadows from around the world at Shadow Shot sunday.


  1. Beautiful shadows. Only one problem, don't know which one to include in my mosaic next week :)

  2. Your first pic is very intricate! I love it:)

  3. These are very cool. My fave is the bike shadow shot! Hope you have a super week ahead :)

  4. hi joanna! i learned to look a shadows from a couple of bloggers - can you imagine!! there they were my whole life and i sort of wrote them off! i like the bike shadow a lot - well of course! steven

  5. Hi Anka, thanks for visiting here. I like your mosaic this week. That's a great idea to pick your favourites.

    Jeanette, I like the complexity of the chair shadows too. It was even more intricate before before I cropped it. By the way, the rose photo header on your blog is stunning.

    Hi Tracy, thanks for your comment--and for all the work you do on SSS.

    Steven, it's wondrous the way our eyes can be opened to new ways of seeing at any age. I've just had a bit of that experience through the art classes I attended. I'm now seeing grids everywhere!


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