Thursday, July 29, 2010

Granville Island Market

Emily Carr School of Art is down on Granville Island market so we are down there every day.  I just thought I'd share some photos of the gorgeous produce, flowers and baked goods that are on exhibit in abundance there.  A feast for the all the senses.  


  1. Mmmm. For some reason, I want a fruit salad. And one of those pastries.

  2. I guess I missed the part where you are in Vancouver! Hope you're enjoying your classes. The market is wonderful, isn't it? Especially on a sunny day.

  3. Wonderful photographs! I especially like the "fan" of bananas - it looks like it could be a headdress for an exotic dancer.

  4. Thanks Stephanie. I wish I had time to connect with you but have to head back today. Maybe next time.

    Golden West, you saw what I saw in the bananas as well. I'm glad my photo communicated it.


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