Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Tibetan praying wasps

My friend Heather discovered this wasps nest in her garland of Tibetan prayer flags.  Actually the builders are bald-faced hornets, a variety of insect that can sting repeatedly if irritated.  Not knowing whether these hornets were peacefully praying or not, she arranged for the nest to be removed.

Isn't it interesting the way they prayer flags have been woven right into the nest?

Oddly enough, last summer Heather found a wasps nest built around a decorative bird house. You can see last year's photograph of it here.  It seems that the wasps in her yard have a definite interest in beautiful artistic things.  Or maybe it's just the colour blue?


  1. I think the wasps are an artists colony who appreciate the variety of landscape that Heather provides for them.

  2. I was amused by the Tibetan praying hornets
    and would have been torn about what to do.....
    and would have ended up removing them like your friend....

    love the style of your blog

    pats to the dogs!

  3. That's an impressive nest, Joanna.

    I'd have removed it, too.

  4. Interesting, loved Stephanie V's comment.

    I am still trying to wrap my mind around what the Wasps have done... interesting and dangerous.
    I have (not as many as in years before) Bees and try not to disturb them. The Earth needs them but I am allergic so I keep a distance and so far they leave me alone. Wasps I am not so sure what they do do except send me to a Hospital.

    cheers, parsnip


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